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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 608843.

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High Priority Products

A major aim of the 4M2020 project is to support the cross-fertilisation of ideas and concepts to develop new products and processes by moving to a pro-active open innovation environment. Support will be offered to project teams with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation readiness of consortia, and by accelerating the value creation. Ten key products have been identified around which consortia will be based. The details of the process for identifying these 10 key products is outlined in this document published in December 2014


Market sector - Health

Customised health monitoring etc.



Description - Customized health monitoring systems are generally designed for permanent checking patient’s physical condition without keeping them in hospital for observation. Health monitoring devices cannot only for example helping monitoring medication levels of the human body but also delivering essential drugs through the skin at the right time.


Market Sector - Environment & Safety

Sensors for environment monitoring


Description - Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities that need to take place to characterise and monitor the quality of the environment. Environmental monitoring is used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, as well as in many circumstances in which human activities carry a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment. Sensors for environment monitoring can range from simple sensors for observing temperatures, humidity, atmospheric pressure to for example monitor airborne pollutants (such as gasses, combustion emissions or hazardous airborne chemicals), test water quality and electromagnetic and Ionizing radiation.


Market Sector – Metrology

In-line metrology



Description - In-line metrology means fast, automated, reliable and non-destructive measurements that are fully integrated into a production line for comprehensive process control. Thus deposition processes are monitored and optimised, process deviations are identified after each step and fast and competent stop-or-go decisions can be made to prevent further processing defective products.


Market Sector – Production and manufacturing

Micro sensors integrated in machine tool inserts


Description - Tool condition monitoring plays an important role in improving machining efficiency and guaranteeing workpiece quality. In order to realize reliable recognition of the tool condition, a robust classifier needs to be constructed to depict the relationship between tool wear states and sensory information. Tool breakage and uncontrolled wear are the main reasons for poor quality in machining of discrete components and expensive secondary costs. On-line tool wear monitoring is thus desirable in an unattended manufacturing system. It is now considered necessary to employ several types of sensors measuring different parameters associated with tool wear and to pass the information to an expert system which can make a judgement based on many factors.


Market Sector - Consumer goods

Micro-parts for wearable devices


Description - Micro parts for wearables become more and more important those days. For reducing size and weight and rising consumer usability of wearables micro parts are absolutely essential. For example the majority of today’s wareable consumer electronics (mobile phones, headphones, watches, smartwatches, …) aren’t realizeable without micro parts.


Market Sector – ICT



Description - Micro connectors play a central role for high speed data transmission for mobile devices (for example hearing aids). By keeping those mobile devices as small as possible while ensuring their full capability excellent performance is required from micro connectors.

Market Sector - Energy

Micro-gas turbines and bearings



Description - Micro-gas turbines are very small gas turbines developed in particular for decentralised energy supply. The power output ranges up to 200 kW (electrical). Characteristical for Micro-gas turbines are their compact design, high rotational speed and low combustion chamber pressure and temperature. They can be operated with a large spectrum of fuels like natural gas, biogas and liquid fuels.


Market Sector – Mobility

Fuel cell for electric cars



Description - A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen or another oxidising agent. Fuel cells in vehicles create electricity to power an electric motor, generally using oxygen from the air and hydrogen out of a gas tank. A fuel cell vehicle driven by hydrogen and oxygen emits only water and heat, but no tailpipe pollutants and therefore it is considered a Zero Emission Vehicle.


Market Sector - Optics & photonics

Flexible screens



Description - A flexible display is a display which is flexible in nature; differentiable from the more prevalent traditional flat screen displays used in most electronics devices. In the recent years there has been a growing interest from numerous consumer electronics manufacturers to apply this display technology in e-readers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics.


Market Sector – Buildings

Energy efficient buildings


Description - In green buildings, integrators of EnOcean-enabled devices have the freedom of placing controls at their discretion for optimal efficiency and with minimal invasiveness to the structure. For example, installing occupancy sensors that turn off lights in vacant rooms can save up to 40 percent on energy and operating costs.